How I chose the best personal trainer central London

To find a personal trainer central London can be difficult, this is mainly because prices vary a great deal from gym to gym. Finding a personal trainer in the first place a very subjective task in the sense that it is similar to choosing a friend. Not only do you need to be able to train with the person that you send a contract with that you need to closely match your personal trainers personality with your uncles and how they make you feel. It Important that your gym trainer matches you as a person too, very often women will choose to have a female personal trainer London as my wife did.


Again, choosing the best personal trainer London is a very subjective task. To start with it, it can be useful to compile a list of trainers, their names, their prices and any other relevant training or information notes that you make. It can be useful to find someone who also specialises in nutrition and dietry advice and most personal training parteners should. This means that it is far easier to hit your weight loss or weight gain goals with the correct information.

Finding a personal trainer Central London can be difficult

The first step to finding the best personal trainer Central London is to set a realistic budget. Once you know roughly how much you want to spend on each training or gym session, you can start looking for trainers in your chosen price range. For me, this figure was around £30 a session, which is probably around the lower end of the market. Paying a lower fee does of course limit your choice of professionals, however if you carefully look around are prepared to put in the effort, you can still get a great coach.

It can often be a good idea to ask friends for a recommended personal trainer London as this can cut down a fair amount of your research time.

How I found a personal trainer Mayfair

Finding a personal trainer Mayfair presents more of a challenge than most places, particularly if you’re constrained by budget. This upmarket affluent area has a wide variety of gyms all equiped with the latest and greatest exercise equipment available, however many of these gymes can be very expensive due to the area of London that they are located in. Fortunately though, large chains of gyms have recently moved into the Mayfair area, gyms like Pure Gym have offered discount and affordable personal trainer prices.

The good news is that there are a number of Pure Gym training locations in and around central London, meaning that your training expenses don’t have to be sky high. I myself went to one of these discount gyms and found myself the perfect personal trainer who was both knowledgable of the latest training and sport nutrition techniques. One of my criteria for selecting my trainer is that they kept up to date with the latest sports science papers that have been published, so after a quick conversation, I was more than satisfied.


Choosing the right personal trainer Mayfair for you

As mentioned above, I had a number of criteria that needed to be met in order to find the right personal trainer Mayfair that I was going to be happy in using for the next 9 months. You need to decide on what criteria are important to you before you begin your search, is age important to you? Is price your main factor? How important is your gym instructors peronality to you? These are all questions that need answering before you set off on your quest.

One important thing to remember when starting any new gym routine is that the key to success is consistency. Therefore if having a trainer is going to give you the extra motivation to attend the gym on a regular basis, then they may be worth every penny.